2023 Gamer Behavior Analysis: Key Insights to Drive User Acquisition in 2024

Manon Salaché

Published on 11/01/2024

In the rapidly evolving gaming industry, staying ahead of the competition is crucial for game studios looking to navigate the ever-changing landscape effectively.

2023 presented numerous challenges for the gaming sector, and whether you're part of a game studio or a player in the video game industry, you likely pondered how to connect with your target audience.

Today, you'll also discover key trends for 2024 and notable shifts in gamer behaviour, empowering you to craft effective marketing strategies for your games.

Stick around and learn more about improving your user acquisition strategies for this year, even with a shoestring budget.

5 Key Gaming Trends That Influenced Player Habits and Preferences in 2023

  • Audience shifts: Last year, we noticed the expanding diversity of game audiences because it encompassed even more older generations. Surprisingly, over 40% of Baby Boomers were actively engaged with games, highlighting this demographic's enduring and untapped potential.

  • Cross-Platform Support: Platform optimization was also essential. Younger generations predominantly gravitated towards PC and console gaming, which helped studios develop content catering to these platforms. 2023 marked a growing trend of multi-platform gaming, underscoring the importance of having cross-platform play as an option to broaden the potential of the game's reach to different audiences.

  • Player Engagement: Younger generations were primarily motivated by social interaction, immersion, and achievement, while older generations favoured more casual gaming for leisure. This insight enabled studios to craft games that resonated with specific age groups, which enhanced player engagement.

  • Monetization Strategies: Gen Z and Millennials were more inclined to be big spenders in gaming, giving studios an advantage in implementing in-game monetization approaches. By understanding the factors that motivated spending, such as in-game currencies and exclusive content, studios could maximize their revenue potential.

  • Content Preferences: Lastly, the rising popularity of gaming video content, especially among younger audiences, presented a valuable opportunity for studios to connect with their players. By creating and promoting gaming-related videos, reviews, and collaborations with influencers, studios effectively engaged with their audience outside the game, generating excitement and building a dedicated fanbase.

The Key to Effective Game Marketing in 2024

Based on market analysis, 2024 expects consumers to engage with video games beyond mere gameplay. The graphic below shows an expected increase in development in mobile games, in-game advertising and cloud gaming.

Current Video Game Market Share as of 2024 - Statista

Games that follow gamer behaviour trends tend to have successful user acquisition strategies. In 2024, the trends show that:

Embracing Simplicity and Strategy in Digital Board Games' Rise

In 2023 alone, there has been a significant spike in gamers’ interest in classic board games that have been ported to gaming platforms.

13% of released titles in 2023 were board games that sold millions of copies. Microtransactions and level rewards implemented in the games give gamers a sense of urgency to keep returning to the leisure genre.

Chess Online is available on multiple platforms, with over 300,000 active users daily as of January 2024.

Need for Online Multiplayer Games

Based on engagement through different platforms such as PC and Xbox, core active gamers between ages 12-21 spend 52% of their time on games online versus battles.

What brings gamers back is the valuable content that can be unlocked through playtime and achievement unlocking. Gamers feel rewarded for the time spent on the game by unlocking special outfits, in-game currency and new maps and modes.

Fortnite by Epic Games’ is the perfect example of a 7-year-old game still among the most active games, with 500 million active users as of January 2024. Epic Games releases daily content and new features and modes every season, presenting gamers with rich and new experiences.

Harnessing Nostalgia as an Effective Marketing Strategy 

Games that have been locked in a gamer’s heart while they relate to a particular time they had when playing it make nostalgia.

Many games from the 80s and 90s are becoming harder to find as old cartridges are becoming worn down. Studios like Nintendo use their recognizable franchises and re-release classic titles in new presentation experiences.

The Shift from Physical Game Purchases to Platform Subscription Services

Financial instability makes gamers join online subscription services. Like Netflix, platforms like Xbox offer monthly or annual subscription paid services. The monthly subscription base fee allows gamers to play hundreds of games in one place.

Xbox’s GamePass has surpassed 25 million active subscribers as of October 2023.

Make Your Audience Integral to a Game's Success

With a social media presence, studios can connect with their players who feel more connected and like to feel that they are a part of the development and can contribute directly to its success.

Making gamers part of this process helps studios improve their creations and follow their preferences.

Single-Player Campaigns

72% of gamers prefer to enjoy a video game’s single-player campaign’s stories rather than going out to watch a movie. Gamers enjoy single-player story modes because they can control them and make decisions that will impact the ending.

A Winning Formula for Game Development Success in 2024

A successful user acquisition strategy combines knowledge about your player base and creativity, which can lead your game to heights.By embracing today's strategies, video games can continue to thrive, connecting with diverse gamer behaviours and creating unforgettable gaming experiences.

Now that we have tons of research implemented into a gamer’s behaviour, it’s time that you get out there and launch a successful video game that we will be looking forward to checking out!

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