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At GameRebellion, we love to shake things up and march to the beat of our own drum. If you're a bit of a rebel at heart and love to learn new things, then you've come to the right place!



Join Our Rebellion

The GameRebellion community is located all around the world, but thanks to Discord, we're all reunited in one place!

You'll get to discuss with other indie devs, marketers, and other leading actors in the video game industry. Share your knowledge, ask questions, and get the help you need!
Our team of marketing experts will also provide our community with several free services, including but not limited to marketing advice, news, and all the knowledge you need to build your digital marketing strategy successfully.

Community Guidelines

Rule Of Thumb

GameRebellion prones tolerance and kindness in any circumstance. Our goal is to provide you a safe space in which to discuss and give each other room for improvement. As such, any failure to comply with these rules results in immediate action.

  • No hate will be tolerated
  • Harassment and threats in any form are forbidden
  • R-rate or potentially shocking content will result in an indefinite ban from the community and all its services


Get The Lowdown On Our Game Marketing Lab

Yes, we know. A great power implies great responsibility, and answering all your questions about our Rebellion is one of them. So, here ya go, fellow Rebel!

What Do I Need To Be Part Of The GameRebellion Community?


Joining our Game Marketing Lab community is pretty simple; you just need a Discord account! Apply for an invite, and we'll do a quick check to see if you've got the right mojo. Once you're in, prepare for unlimited access to mind-blowing articles, direct insights, and a gold mine of free resources to DIY your marketing strategy and make your masterpiece shine brighter than a power-up in a retro arcade!

Do I Have To Pay To Be Part Of The Community?


What Is In The GameRebellion Community For Indie Developers?


What Is In The GameRebellion Community For Game Marketers?