Unlocking Your Game’s Success at MIGS 2023

Kelsy Medeiros

Published on 25/06/2024

Want to boost your game’s success? MIGS is the place to be! As a solo game developer or studio, this event offers invaluable media coverage. News appearances, articles like this one (hello!), and social media trends are perfect ways to get your project talked about around the internet.

The Montreal International Game Summit, commonly called MIGS, is held annually in Montreal, Canada. For over 15 years, this tradeshow has been recognized as one of the largest game conferences on the East Coast of North America.

It serves as a confluence point for professionals from various domains within the gaming industry. From developers and designers to publishers and investors, MIGS offers a comprehensive insight into the state and future of gaming.

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What Makes MIGS Different from other trade shows?

Trade shows in the video game industry are opportunities for game studios to find resources to help expand their projects’ ambition through game design, budgeting, investments, and promotions, and even to find more developers to add to a team that needs a few extra hands.

The goal remains the same, but this year, the event is focused only on B2B opportunities. As of 2021, more than 40,000 employees work in the video game field full-time, with over 200 game studios only in Montreal. The city is a significant hub for game development in North America. Holding MIGS in such an environment naturally elevates its significance in the gaming calendar.

Well-established companies that have gone on to become industry figureheads include Ubisoft, Bethesda, Square Enix, Eidos Montreal, Warner Brother Games, and Unity Technologies, the world’s leading platform for game design.

This said, the gaming industry is a passionate atmosphere that circles Montreal and has expanded across the province of Québec. With MIGS hosted at the heart of Montréal, different represented cultures from around the world showcase many tourist attractions near the event where people can enjoy themselves.

Game's success

Ubisoft Montreal, St-Laurent, 2019

The Unique Opportunities at MIGS

Following this year’s goal, through B2B opportunities, studios can focus on business development, human resources professionals, and even investors who are quite aware of the ever-growing market that has positively impacted Montréal’s economy. The event also features top-tier panels and sessions, with industry leaders discussing trends, sharing insights, and debating the future of gaming.

For many attendees, the networking opportunities at MIGS are invaluable. Whether it’s finding a potential business partner or learning from a peer, these interactions often lead to future collaborations. It’s an opportunity for businesses to attract potential clients and for attendees to discover the newest tools and technologies.

Game's success

The View of Montreal – Anju George’s Private Collection

We all agree that MIGS is more than just a conference; it’s an experience. The event has led to countless business deals, collaborations, and even the inception of new gaming ventures. Moreover, it’s an educational place where you can get insights from industry experts and enhance your knowledge and skills.

How to use MIGS for your Game’s Success

As a solo game developer or studio, this event rewards you with media coverage. News appearances, articles such as the one you’re reading today (hello!), and social media trending are the perfect ways to get your project spoken about around the internet.

With this coverage on MIGS, it’s important we establish the professionalism that is prepared in advance before the event. Planning your pitch deck, a quick five-minute presentation that will drive the right audience you seek to work with, is the perfect way to get your project spoken about around the internet.

A pitch deck contains the main proposition, your idea and how you plan on achieving this idea. You list the problems and needs your targeted clients can provide and what solution will follow afterwards. Showing your game’s projected budget and the scheduled game’s release goes into your deck.

Remember, before you plan your deck, you must know your project’s goal and what clients you are trying to drive onboard. When networking, allow yourself to be relatable by just being yourself to a certain extent. Like a job interview, sell the skills you offer in a professional setting. Stand up straight, smile nice, and translate your experience into how you may play a great role in a potential partnership.

Your business cards should be flying out of your hands with everyone you meet and want to work with. A quick and good idea is to use QR codes that can lead to your deck and a demo of your game. Your game’s storefront should be simple and easily accessible on mobile and desktop. Use networking to create exposure for your project.

Maximizing Your Impact at MIGS

This event draws in a significant crowd of developers, gamers, media, and publishers. Showcasing your game here visually can impact professionals with different eyes for key game’s success factors in the industry. MIGS presents an opportunity for your project’s visibility boost as even today, word of mouth is 64% most effective when promoting your project.

Because of the presence of other fellow developers, game testing and feedback from your peers are an excellent source of volunteer help for your project, especially if you are a smaller or independent game team. Study the different reactions and connections that are made while playing your game. Focus on behaviour patterns such as the client’s focus and answer questions they may have for you.

Community Manager: Kelsy Medeiros networking with Inpulse Developer: Nate at this year’s PAX WEST

Live & Learn

You may not always agree with what the industry says about your project, but taking back anything with a grin of salt makes you a strong connection at the event. After MIGS ends, you can use that feedback to study its impact on your game’s success and refine your project. From workshops to talks by industry leaders, these events are a goldmine of knowledge. You can learn about the latest trends and innovative marketing strategies from us at GameRebellion!

Above all, you now have a pocket full of business cards and opportunities to help you reach your ambitious goal for your video game. Industry experts are at every turn at MIGS 2023, it’s an event filled with magic, science and wonder that you will only benefit from attending it.

Dozens of trade shows appear every week, but there are only a select few that stand out as the most needed to attend. There is no doubt that the Montréal International Game Summit is one of them. We wish you luck and a huge game’s success at this year’s MIGS! If you loved this article, stop by Booth 13 to see us and share some love!

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