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A place where rebels, game developers and advertisers team up to crack the code on how to promote games.


Democratizing Game Marketing

We're all about celebrating the gaming industry and ensuring every title gets its moment to shine. Let's team up to make your project stand out with our game marketing strategies and insider industry insights!

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Master Promotions, Conquer Audiences!

Our community-driven Marketing Lab will arm you with Jedi-level knowledge and legendary tools to DIY your marketing like a pro. Get ready to master your audience, unleash next-level promotions, and turbocharge your player base. And hey, don't be a Morgoth minion— share epic fails and glorious accomplishments as we join forces to make game marketing great again!

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indie developers

Break The Limits: Dare To Promote Your Game

We get it: promoting your masterpiece can feel as daunting as convincing Deadpool to wear a tutu. But fear not. GameRebellion is here to be your game's personal paparazzi (but without the drama and scandal), making it shine brighter like a diamond! Expose your beauty onto the world and conquer the hearts of players around the whole galaxy.

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Game marketers

Make Your Mark And Help Indie Devs Succeed!

Game marketing is pure art. We're obsessed. We spend 80% of our time geeking out over upcoming game releases, and in the other 20%, we're hoping someone talks about it so we can talk some more. We know you're like that, too, so stop pretending! Let's drop the charade and embrace our gaming gossip addiction because a little healthy chatter can work wonders for indie studios on the rise!

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Let's Spread The Word

Of course, we've done some snooping around for reviews. Let's be real, a great rebellion needs people buzzing about it!

GameRebellion is great go-to where you need advisory for your marketing needs for all sizes, especially for a company like us where we are at the pre-production stages. We require small more nimbler marketing tactics that are much easier to execute and get results.

Mark Bonasaro, Q8isMobile Inc.


GameRebellion is such a great idea for indie devs who are looking for an affordable way to give them an edge in a market that's constantly changing and offers them a safe and friendly platform to learn and grow within the indie community!

Melissa Gibbs, Folklore Games + Ratloop Games


Marketing is often considered too late in the video game development process, and being surrounded by experts from GameRebellion who can analyze needs and deliver solutions, can contribute directly to the success of upcoming Quebec game releases.

Timothy Allard, La Guilde du Jeu Vidéo du Québec