GameRebellion Community - What is it for?

Erica Santos

Published on 14/04/2023

Hey there! Okay, so now you have a more precise idea of where we're heading, it's essential to give you a clear idea about what is GameRebellion Community for.

Game Developers and the Power of Networking

Well, GameRebellion wants to address small and indie game developers’ needs while offering resources and tools to advertise their games. To do so, we need you, game devs (eager to learn more about game promotions), to help us out!

As our Community grows, we hope you share your experience with us on how you jump from making your game to promoting it. To help you along the way and educate you, we want to know about the roadblocks you might encounter, as we want to focus on your needs, learning with you and partaking in those conversations with you!

Our Community will focus on four main points:

  • Collaborative and Inclusive environment: In our Discord server, you'll find a place where developers, marketers, influencers, ambassadors and everybody in between can share ideas, learn from each other and work together to make games more visible and promote them efficiently.
  • Open Community: We believe that everyone deserves a voice and a chance to succeed, regardless of budget or company size. So our commitment is to foster communication and transparency, meaning you can trust our expertise as well as the collaboration of people over there to provide unbiased and actionable advice tailored to your unique needs.
  • Marketing Insights and In-depth Analysis: We want to ****offer you actionable insights and in-depth analysis tailored to your game by following the discoveries we make about your game. Have a burning question about your audience? Are you about to launch a new campaign and want some tips and feedback? Hit your questions on discord, and we'll be there to provide information and data that will skyrocket your results.
  • Effervescent environment: We're not kidding when we say we'll foster a vibrant environment by bringing together professionals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. We embrace an environment with innovation and experimentation where new ideas and strategies can be tested and refined. We assure you that there's no wrong way to do things here!

As we pave the way for a real revolution in the gaming industry at GameRebellion, we hope people point us out on the streets as the “new cool kids on the block.” We're nonconformists and can't wait to join efforts, collaborate and find new solutions against the wall garden ad and game significant ecosystems.

We want our Community to strive. By counting on your help, we'll be able to create new and customized self-served solutions that will give you an edge in the market and kick off the main door of the gaming industry.

Unlocking Opportunities for Game Marketers

As a marketer, you can tap into our vibrant community of creative, passionate game devs seeking expertise to promote their gaming masterpieces effectively. It's a symbiotic ecosystem that thrives on collaboration and innovation.

Here we’re talking about public relations, consultants, influencers, original marketers and everything in between. Our community is open to everybody that is out there, tirelessly promoting and helping games gain visibility, changing the perspective of society in regards to it and showing the power of a well-done marketing strategy.

  • Diverse Portfolio: Did I say we welcome everybody already? If not, let me be clear. We want to join forces and put together everybody that somehow loves or works with games. Doesn’t matter if you never worked with indie games before, see this as an opportunity to grow your network, diversify your portfolio, and, who knows, even learn something from innovative projects. Each indie game is a new world, offering a fresh marketing challenge that I’m sure you’re up to!
  • Creativity and Innovation: The more we talk to deve there more we see that they’re not afraid to push boundaries if it means achieving their expected level of creativity and artistry. Working with game devs, you'll see different perspectives of marketing where unique value propositions might lay on their reasons to create the game. We’re sure it will defy your conventions and offer a fresh and exciting experience.
  • Navigating the Marketing Maze: Marketing can be tricky for devs who'd rather focus on creating games. As a marketer, you can provide guidance, helping them navigate the marketing maze with effective strategies. In a saturated market, standing out is crucial. You can also help devs reach a wider audience, ensuring their games don't go unnoticed.
  • Boosting Engagement and Gaining Visibility: We know that one thing doesn’t work without the other. Game development needs marketing to engage with new players and gain visibility in an already crowded market. ****By giving them some tips on how to craft marketing materials and develop winning strategies, you can help them to foster a community around the game, driving player engagement and loyalty. Also essential to help them see that marketing can lead to better game sales, which contribute to financial support, allowing them to keep doing what they love – I mean, creating amazing games!

Being a part of GameRebellion is like being in a dynamic gaming think-tank where marketers and game devs collaborate to bring fantastic games to life. So, ready to join the rebellion and make a difference in the indie gaming world? We can't wait to see what you bring to the table! Apply for the invite here!

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