Game Rebellion Community Guidelines

Erica Santos

Published on 14/04/2023

Welcome to GameRebellion, a place to connect and get inspired! Our goal is to provide you with the best insights in marketing and game development.

Although we’re rebels, we value a good organization, and as members of this rebellion, we should follow some best practices. So stick with content and discussions that are gaming growth-related, and remember, we're responsible for all content posted and activity under our accounts.

Before submitting an article or a comment, ask yourself: "Does this improve the community?". Answering "Yes" to that question will inevitably be a win! To help keep the quality of content and interactions high, please keep in mind the following:

  • All submitted content and questions should relate to driving the growth of games.
  • Submit articles using the articles' original titles (our moderators may update titles to be more descriptive).

To make our place a bit more comfy and secure, we put together a short guideline for everybody, so here you go!

Mutual Respect

Okay, this is clear. To foster a space where everybody is welcome to question and contribute, we must have mutual respect. So here are some topics you should have in mind before interacting in our community:

  • No hate will be tolerated.
  • Harassment and threats in any form are forbidden.
  • R-rate or potentially shocking content will result in an indefinite ban from the community and all its services.


The internet is full of trolls and fake content. At GameRebellion, we value real and human connections, but for that, we need transparency from all people involved. Here’s what are the rules of thumb:

  • All members' profiles must be identifiable.
  • We'll remove any link irrelevant to the discussion without notice.
  • We don't mind if you mention a business, product, or service if the content is valuable for our community members and relevant to the discussion.
  • Please visibly disclose any commercial relationship with the promoted business, product, or service, including (without limitation) reciprocal advertising agreements, conflicts of interest, or other non-consumer relationships.


We really value honesty, and we’ll keep an eye on fake news, copywriting violations or anything that is harmful to our community. Good to keep in mind:

  • Say the truth about your identity/activity
  • Don't steal/reshare without crediting content from the Discord
  • Don't use GameRebellion's Discord to promote, coordinate or execute financial scams

Respect GameRebellion

We’re funny, like any Deadpool movie, but we can be serious as Gandalf if we ever need. We’re not asking too much, so remember to:

  • Don't share the premium content created by the team
  • Don't use bots
  • Don't spam the server

Once again, be respectful of others in our community. The variety of experiences makes the gaming community strong and leads to rich and transformative discussions!

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