What is the GameRebellion’s mission?

Erica Santos

Published on 14/04/2023

Hello there, fellow rebel! We know you’re dying to what is all that fuss about! Well, in the olden days, promoting your game was relatively based on luck and who you knew. You could have the best video game idea, but if you didn't have a connection with a big video game company to endorse your project, it could potentially never see the daylight. However, with the advancements in tech and advertising, the game changed and promoting your projects is much simpler and easier!

Since the early 2000s, the increasing popularity of independent video games has been expanding considerably. Gaming is now a topic you can learn in school, and companies can apply gamification in different ways. Although it is easier to "make" a game on your own, bring visibility and craft a marketing strategy, on the other hand, it’s quite the opposite.

Here's where GameRebellion comes in. We want to democratize game marketing with the help of people just like you: those that are hands-on in creativity, crafting such enjoyable games but not getting the deserved attention. Our goal with GameRebellion is to empower independent game developers, providing them with the necessary knowledge, tools and resources to self-market their games.

With GameRebellion's community of gaming passionates and advertising experts, we’re fostering a state-of-the-art marketing lab. Here you’ll have direct insights about your game positioning, selling points, and player behaviour combined with tailored strategies helping you to make informed decisions, optimize your marketing efforts and reach your target audience. We're dedicated to giving you the power to succeed in the competitive gaming market.

While we want to hear from you, here're some core problems we have identified that GameRebellion wishes to solve:

  • Resource Limitation: We understand that smaller gaming studios and independent game developers are struggling with getting a budget to finance their projects. Most often, they have to see themselves cutting the budget for Marketing in order to prioritize another phase of the project.
  • Lack of Data and Analytics: Not having a solid analytics structure also proved to be a disadvantage against big studios. Sometimes they might have access to data, but it can be hard to understand, we’re marketers, and we still fight with google analytics! But the thing is, with metrics to validate how your marketing efforts are performing, it can be easier to adapt and plan the next strategies, making your spending much more spot on!
  • Lack of Knowledge in Marketing Channels: I think we can all agree that online marketing nowadays is kind of a labyrinth. There are so many options among free and paid platforms that can be overwhelming. Let’s not forget the social media channels that are increasing exponentially. So how to decide which is the best free platform to use? Is it the best choice, or should you be focusing on the paid ones? How about social media? Where do I find my audience easily? Among all those questions, we have big game companies with high budgets, a full stack team and an expert level of access to powerful tools. So how to differentiate your game out there?

Where are we heading, then?

Sorry if I brought up some topics that can crush your expectations to start developing your game or even promoting it. But I had to raise these challenges in order to show you that you shouldn’t give up because the gaming community and GameRebellion is here to support you along the way.

When we say that we want to democratize game marketing, we are talking about:

  • Provide knowledge regarding marketing promotions and game development.
  • Ensure you have the most reliable data regarding your target player and use it in your favour.
  • Connect you with industry experts that will help you level up your creations.
  • Test, improve and grow your game. Get insights from other developers and help them to improve their projects.
  • Gain knowledge on how game profiling can help you build more enjoyable games that translate to your audience.

Think of us as your Swiss arm. Here you’ll get knowledge and be empowered to promote your masterpiece with less effort and more efficiently. As we go through your game and promotions together, you’ll break the barriers and be more assertive every step of the way.

Are you ready to join forces and revolutionize the Gaming Industry together? What are you waiting for to be part of our community? Apply for the invite here!